Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Pictures?

Happy Mother's Day! Today has been a beautiful, sunny, breezy day here in Raleigh, NC. We enjoyed a great morning at church then I took the kids to the park. Then I thought, "Mother's Day can't be complete without a picture of my cherubs!" No problem. It will only take a minute or so, right?

So, I send the kids out on the back deck. Okay, how about boys in the back, girls in the front. Great! Here was our first attempt:

Not terrible for our first shot, but we can definitely do better, right? Here's our second try:

Hmm, not quite what I had in mind. Samantha is the only one looking at the camera. Daniel, stop sulking - it's just a picture! Andrew, come on. You're the oldest, you know better. And Emily, are you asleep? Alright, maybe I wasn't clear. This is a picture, so SMILE! Here goes our third attempt:

Really, is taking a picture that hard? Daniel, stop sulking already! Andrew, thanks for putting that tongue away and Emily thanks for looking at the camera. Samantha you are being sweet as always, but you're just looking at the wrong person. Look at me! Okay, getting desperate now. So, I try a bribe - you can have a snack if you all smile at the camera! This will work for sure:

AAH!! Sweet Samantha, look at me! Way to go Emily! Andrew, take it down a notch. And Daniel, your half smile would be more convincing if you weren't crossing your arms!

Okay, I know our perfect picture is out there some where. Come on guys! Did I mention there's ice cream for smiling children:

Houston! We have a problem!! Mission control- we're losing them!!! Okay, let's try something different. How about a group hug:

Great job Andrew! Daniel, stop pinching Emily! Emily, I think you're choking Samantha!

Wait! Where are you going? We're not done yet! Sigh...

Oh well, I should have stopped after the first picture. Here it was:

Gotta love em!! Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Julie that was one of the funniest post I have ever read......Dad and I laugh ourselves silly. Got to luv those grandchildren!!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Oh my... i LOVE your children... and have spent the last several minutes L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G... this is the definition of priceless.

    I'm so glad you are blogging now... love ya

  3. Hi Julie!
    I'm Brenda's sister Karen and I have been blogging for a while. I am not as good about a journal, so if you are, you will probably ROCK at the blog! I have been doing this for a couple of years. Hop over and get to know me! I have a suggestion for you that I got from someone else. It's called MISSING MOM and here's the scoop. I'm the picture taker in the family, as are a lot of moms, so they are not in the pictures. Once a week, you post your picture..either take your own or hand someone your camera and have them take it. Kids are pretty funny at this sometimes! Then post that picture every week with the # on it. I just made up about 6 weeks worth and I have missed a week here and there, but I think this week will be Missing Mom #36. Good luck and keep blogging!!

  4. Nice pics. Daniel pretty much has the same expression in every pose.

  5. The kids are adorable. These pix remind me of when I took pictures of our four boys for a Christmas card when they were about the same ages. Looks like you ended up in a better humor than I did!

  6. The kids are fabulous! Love you guys! Happy belated Mother's Day!

    Aunt Beth

  7. Love your kids!! These are the best pictures!!

  8. Hi Julie,you're blog is very inspiring.The love you have for your family shows in the hearts of your girls each day I spend with them. I am so blessed for the opportunity to have you all in our lives. Keep up the good work.