Thursday, May 13, 2010


My oldest son Andrew has been "taking notes" as I have begun to blog and work with pictures online. He's catching the "bug" and wanted to take some pictures himself. No problem! He knows more about the camera than I do. Being the teacher that I am, I suggested that he take some pictures of some of his lego creations and then write about them. Great opportunity for a little creative writing, right? He begrudgingly wrote the following paragraph about his legos:

Okay, not the most engaging paper ever. However, Andrew has a real talent for creating unique lego vehicles. He took some nice pictures of his lego trucks. Take a look:

Andrew has so many fantastic qualities. His siblings couldn't ask for a better big brother. Just today he packed the girls' lunches for preschool and bought them each a piece of candy! It is not uncommon for Andrew to give Daniel, Emily and Samantha "ric-shaw" rides!

I am definitely blessed to have Andrew as my son! He is extremely smart, competitive and yet has a heart of gold! I can't believe he is going to be 10 this summer! Yikes! I guess that makes me.... 25! Where does the time go!


  1. Andrew, The trucks you made are really neat and you took fantastic pictures of them. Perhaps I can have a "ric-shaw" ride the next time I visit. Thanks for being such a thoughtful brother. Love, Grandmom

  2. My favorite story of Andrew was when he found out I was divorced, he was terribly concerned about who would take care of me... I want to marry Andrew when I grow up.

    Evan will have so much with the boys...

    Lego trucks are AMAZING!

  3. Great writing Andrew and I love the awesome trucks you built! You are a great BIG brother!