Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you brave?

Steve got home from a long day of work with a surprise for the kids. He had stopped by the grocery store on the way home, came in the door, and announced," Who is brave?!?" The kids and I both looked at him kind of strange wondering what he was talking about. Then as I saw him unload his groceries I understood what adventure was ahead of us. See if you can figure it out - cream soda, grape soda, strawberry ice cream, and cookies & cream ice cream - ICE CREAM FLOATS!

Personally, I am not a big fan of mixing soda and ice cream, though I like each of those ingredients separately. Anyway, Steve asked the kids again, "Who is brave?" To which they all replied,"ME!" Steve explained that they were going to make and try a new kind of dessert called a root beer float. So began their food experiment.

Steve's first creation was a grape soda and strawberry ice cream float. (Gross, right? That's what I thought too.)

But the kids were true to their word and decided to be "brave." Take a look at their reactions:

As you can see, the girls weren't too impressed with the grape soda, strawberry ice cream combo. I'm with them. I'm actually quite surprised that Daniel tried it, given the girls' reactions. But he did.

Daniel thought it was okay, while Andrew really liked it. Notice Emily in the background of each of those pictures still looking appalled at what had been done to her.

Next, Steve mixed up the cream soda and cookies & cream ice cream for the kids to try. Well, the girls were done "being brave," and there was no persuading them to try this new concoction. But both boys were game and gave it a shot. Daniel loved it and ended up eating the whole float himself.

He even used a straw so that he could savor every last drop.

Andrew liked it okay, but ate the grape soda, strawberry ice cream float.

The girls ended the night with smiles on their faces enjoying a bowl of plain cookies & cream ice cream:

Don't I have the best husband? Steve and the kids had such a fun time with this. These kids are so blessed to have such a fun Daddy!

Oh, and in case you're wondering - I'm Not Brave!


  1. Way to go Steve...what a fun idea!!
    I'm not BRAVE either.
    Hugs to all, Mom

  2. Love it! What fun!

    Your occasionally brave, Aunt Beth

  3. I'm usually not brave when it comes to trying new foods, but, I'd be all over this one.
    Your brave Dad!

  4. not sure about the grape and strawberry... Steve was that your own experiment, or something you have really had before yourself?

    would probably have to try it though just to say i had...

    especially if ice cream is involved!